Massage and Acupuncture Appointment Extra Measures for COVID-19 Precaution

Massage and Acupuncture Appointment Extra Measures for COVID-19 Precaution

Before scheduling please note a few extra measures and precautions impacting massage and acupuncture services at Hillclimb:

  • **Patients must wear cloth face covering/ mask during ACU and MASSAGE services** (required as service includes more than 10 minutes of close contact)
  • Practitioners will do a patient temp check and screen for Covid-19 symptoms before treatment. If 100.4 or higher, patient will be sent home
  • Upon arrival, we aim to quickly show you into a private, sanitized room to limit exposure to others
  • Please practice social distancing guidelines when others are in the reception area
  • Between patient appointments treatment rooms, tables/common services will be sanitized and disinfected
  • We have added Hepa Air Purifiers in each treatment room
  • Sick patients must reschedule appointments
  • After your treatment please move quickly through front desk processes to get you in and out of the clinic. Please call 206-624-3590 to schedule your next appointment and if possible, call with questions. Thanks in advance.
  • We appreciate your understanding and support of these new measures during this time.

In addition, our team continues to adhere to social distancing guidelines, CDC disinfecting and cleaning guidelines, symptom screening of patients and staff, PPE for staff and patients must wear cloth coverings/ masks while in the clinic

If you haven’t been to Hillclimb, here are extra measures and precautions we are taking to help reduce the spread.

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