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Annual Health & Wellness Visit

Importance of Annual Wellness Visits

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your annual wellness visit is more than just a doctor’s appointment. It is your opportunity to take charge of your health and ensure you’re on the right path to living the life you want.

If you haven’t scheduled yours yet, Dr. Patti Mullen recommends annual wellness visits and will recommend a wellness program based on your age, lifestyle and overall health. It could be one of the most important conversations you have all year.

Annual Wellness Visits are usually covered by insurance, but your insurance might not cover all expenses involved with the visit, such as labs or tests.  Interested in finding out if you have this benefit? Give us a call and we can get a quote of benefits from your insurance company.

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The Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) to create or update a personalized prevention plan. This plan may help prevent illness based on your current health and risk factors. The visit includes:
• A health risk assessment (questions you answer about your health)
• A review of your medical and family history
• Developing or updating a list of your current providers and prescriptions
• Documenting your height, weight, blood pressure and other routine measurements
• Personalized health advice just for you (creating a wellness plan to address both how to treat your current conditions and how to prevent future health problems. If you have any risk factors for developing new conditions, your doctor will give you some options for managing those risks)
• Looking for signs of memory loss or dementia
• A list of risk factors and treatment options for you
• A screening schedule (like a checklist) for the preventive services recommended for you. The doctor will not only help to set up a schedule for these services, but will also discuss treatment options for any newly diagnosed conditions