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As an essential healthcare provider, Hillclimb Chiropractic Clinic is open Mon-Fri and available to help you with all your urgent pain and maintenance care needs. We are following all Washington State Department of Health, CDC and Washington State Chiropractic Association guidelines including requiring all patients, visitors and staff to wear face coverings/masks while in the clinic. If you have an appointment at our clinic and have any symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing), please call our front desk to reschedule your appt. For more informaiton please check out our Covid-19 resources here

Please review our Covid-19 resources

Cold and Flu Season is here. Now what?

Cold and Flu Season is here. Now what?

Get Adjusted Regularly.

You may have already noticed you are suffering fewer colds, avoiding the flu, or simply recovering from illness more quickly, since starting chiropractic care. There are scientific reasons for your experience, and continued tune-ups will keep all of the systems your nervous system controls healthy and strong.

Chiropractic adjustments restore proper spine function, which allows your nervous system – which is housed in your spinal canal – to perform optimally. Your nervous system controls every physiologic function of your body, including the immune system. Thus, regular adjustments are part of maintaining strong defenses against illness.

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