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Lesson of the Day: Back Pain Facts

In the spirit of back to school, we wanted to teach you a few things about back pain you might not have known.

  • 10% of people develop chronic low back pain, an epidemic that costs society up to $100 billion a year
  • Spinal manipulation is one of the only treatments consistently recommended for dealing with acute back pain
  • Far too many people don’t visit a chiropractor for their pain and instead choose to pop over-the-counter pain medication at alarming rates
  • Exercise is a crucial step to recovery from back pain.  It’s important to exercise your whole body, not just the back, to increase your mobility, strength and endurance
  • One of the biggest predictors of chronic back pain is known as “pain avoidance behavior” which means once you get the pain, you do everything you can to avoid anything that will cause pain
  • For Acute Low Back Pain – Early intervention (treatment) leads to better outcomes
  • For Chronic Low Back Pain – Focus on strengthening and endurance exercises