Meet Andrew #Aetna #Cigna #Healthways #Premera #Lifewise

Meet Andrew #Aetna #Cigna #Healthways #Premera #Lifewise

Meet Andrew, a licensed massage practitioner, and newest member of our team! Andrew doesn’t offer a traditional massage but his dynamic style of therapeutic massage is ideal for muscle pain and restoring greater function and mobility. Our patients say it’s more like sports rehab therapy than a traditional massage. He uses a combination of deep precise pressure, cooperative movement and postural education to reduce muscle tension and improve motion.


Andrew has been practicing yoga, pilates, ballet and weight lifting for twenty years and used these mediums to recover from chronic pain and numerous injuries. He is delighted to share his knowledge with you and is excited to be working together with the Hillclimb team of practitioners to bring you to optimal health.

Andrew is credentialed with #Aetna #Cigna #Healthways #Premera #Lifewise

Call 206-624-3590 to schedule an appointment with Andrew today and see how his biomechanical approach to massage can help restore greater movement! #MoveWellLiveBetter

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