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Quick Reference Guide: Days 8-21 of 21- Day Purification Program Guidelines

Quick Reference Guide: Days 8-21 of 21- Day Purification Program Guidelines


SP Complete® or SP Complete® Dairy-Free  – At least 2-3 shakes per day

Whole Food Fiber or Gastro-Fiber® – 1 T w/ shakes or 3 capsules, 3 times a day (9 capsules/day)

SP Green Food® – 5 capsules, 2 times per day (10 capsules/day)

  • Shakes:   2 -3 SP Complete Shakes daily
  • Try to eat 60-75% vegetables and 25% or less of fruit
    • Glycemic Index: If weight-loss is desired, fruits and vegetables higher on the Glycemic index and should be eaten in smaller quantities (sweet potatoes, yams, and bananas are examples of higher glycemic foods).
    • You may lightly steam or sauté your vegetables, but it is best to eat at least half of them raw.
    • Try to get organic if possible; they are much higher in vital nutrients and will leave you feeling more satisfied.
    • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables; choose a rainbow of colors.
  • Water: Drink at least half your body weight in ounces per day ( For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, it is recommended to drink at least 75 ounces of water daily)
  • Lentils or Wild/Brown Rice: 1-2 servings  of lentils of 1 serving of brown/wild rice per day
    • Average serving size = ½ cup cooked (measure carefully)
    • Please note: Lentils have higher protein and less carbohydrates than rice. For blood glucose management, choose lentils more often than rice.  To enhance weight-loss, you may choose to limit lentils and rice from your Program.
  • Butter and Olive Oil:  Organic butter and cold-pressed olive oil are allowed in limited quantities.
  • Salad Dressing:  Homemade only
  • No alcohol, coffee, tobacco, caffeine, or other stimulants.  If a caffeine withdrawal headache occurs, a teaspoon or two of coffee/black tea can be utilized to decrease  symptoms (3 days maximum).
  • What to Eat:  See your Purification Program Guide and Recipe Guide to get great meal ideas.
  • Exercise: Exercise and sweat daily.  This should include both aerobic and strength training.

Important: On Day 10, you may add in lean sources of animal protein

  • Select lean meat (chicken or  fish)
  • Servings should be roughly the  size and thickness of your palm
  • Total servings: 2-4 per day, with  1-2 servings being fish
  • Choose organic, free range,  antibiotic free, and hormone free, if possible
  • No cured, smoked or luncheon meats
  • Broil, bake, roast, or poach


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