Though acupuncture can help relieve many common ailments, the acupuncture team at Hillclimb specializes in the following:

Reproductive Health

PMS | Menstrual Pain | PCOS | Delayed or No Period |Pregnancy Support like nausea, pregnancy related back pain | Lactation Issues | Infertility | Low Libido | Erectile Dysfunction

Pain Relief and Pain Management

Motor Vehicle Accidents | L & I and other Work Related injuries | Minor Aches and Pains | Chronic pain | Headaches and Migraines | TMJ | Low Back | Knee | Heel Pain | Ankle Sprains | Neck and Shoulder Tension | Plantar Fasciitis  | Other Acute or Chronic Injuries

Sports Medicine

Decreased Athletic Performance | Impaired Workout Recovery | Muscle Spasms | Muscle Weakness | Prolonged Recovery from Injury | Diet and Nutrition Deficiency 

Mental | Emotional Health

Anxiety |  Depression | Stress | Anger | Disconnection from self | Lack of Purpose | Fear

Sobriety Support and Recovery from Addictions

Smoking Cessation | Food Addiction | Reducing Withdrawal Symptoms and Cravings

Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation in conjunction with other support systems to ensure success in recovery

Post Traumatic Stress Relief and Recovery

Auricular Acupuncture & NADA Detox Treatments

Ear acupuncture was developed by a French M.D. Paul Nogier. After he noticed some of his patients having burn scars on their ears. Upon investigation he discovered there was a practice around burning the ear to reduce sciatica pain. Dr. Nogier became interested in the phenomenon and over 15 years mapped the ear to show its relation to the different organs in the body.

Auriculo-Therapy includes acupuncture locally, ear tacks, acupressure, light therapy, and ear seeds for continued stimulation.

NADA Detox treatments were developed in the South Bronx Lincoln hospital. A NADA treatment is a 5 needle protocol in the ear that has shown to be extremely effective at reducing cravings and anxiety when used with other complementary forms of treatment (i.e. counseling and medication.)

Since its inception the 5 needle protocol has been used to treat emotional disturbances, PTSD, for smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, and pain.