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Seattle Chiropractor Shares Advice for Your Next Road Trip

Seattle Chiropractor Shares Advice for Your Next Road Trip

Car travel is on the rise—but sitting in a car for hours on end can put a lot of pressure on your back.

Here are a few ways Dr. Brown-Ruegg, a Seattle chiropractor, tells patients to alleviate the low back strain during long car rides:
-If your car seat doesn’t offer enough support for your low back, there are seat cushions and pillows designed to make your car trip much more comfortable. But if you don’t want to spend the money, simply roll up a towel and create a makeshift cushion between your back and the seat.
-Take time to stop at rest stops and towns along the way to stretch and move around.
-Make sure you’re not sitting on anything (such as a wallet, money clip, or mobile phone).
-Bring a cooler packed with ice packs to relieve pain on the road.

And make sure to come get adjusted after you get home.

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