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If you are suffering from any of these ailments and tired of hurting, call Hillclimb Chiropractic Clinic today and schedule an appointment with our naturopathic doctor Dr. Disharoon. Our clinic has been providing quality care since 2001 and has a reputation for helping people get out of pain and discomfort.

Suffering from insomnia? Fatigue?  Mood changes? Skin and hair problems? Sexual issues?

Hormone balancing/ Endocrine System Dysfunction: Disruptions in the hormonal system can show up in a variety of symptoms from sleep issues, fatigue, skin and hair problems to sexual issues and mood changes and more. Using a combination of natural and conventional treatment strategies, Dr. Disharoon offers the best of both worlds in treating your hormone-related complaints.

Struggling with Weight loss?

Weight loss may be a patient’s most frustrating journey. Treatment with Naturopathic medicine requires first getting to the root cause of the weight gain and treating the cause to offer the best odds of success.

Suffering from Acid Reflux, Constipation or IBS?

Digestive Health: There’s an old adage in Naturopathic medicine which says – “All health and illness starts in the gut.” As cutting edge research shows, this is quite true! The key to weight maintenance, mental health and more all lie in proper balance within the gastrointestinal system.  Naturopathic medicine is particularly effective in healing chronic digestive complaints.

Allergies causing you problems?

Allergies: The body’s immune system is effective only when in balance — meaning it’s not over nor under-active. Autoimmune conditions occur when it is overactive, whereas people with poor immunity get sick more easily. Specialty testing may be used in immune conditions to help most effectively treat your condition.

Insulin resistant, pre-diabetic or diabetic?  You aren’t alone.

Diabetes: Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes have increased to epidemic incidence in the Western world. The very best way to treat this condition of high blood sugar is truly to prevent it in the first place, but once it has taken hold a full treatment plan involving lifestyle changes, supplements, herbs and medication when necessary is the most effective.

Treatment therapies include but are not limited to:

To help patients reach their health potential, Dr. Disharoon uses a variety of treatment therapies and modalities including:

Herbal Medicine | Nutritional Supplementation | Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling | Detoxification| Testosterone Therapy | Vitamin Injections