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Posted by | June 25, 2018
June is headache awareness month. Suffer from Tension Headaches? Tried chiropractic yet?

Chiropractic care has the ability to reduce both the intensity and duration of TENSION HEADACHES.

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Posted by | June 18, 2018
Chiropractic can help with headaches

Talk with your Hillclimb chiropractor about strengthening your neck muscles.

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Posted by | June 4, 2018
Neck hurt? Maybe your posture is adding 10 lbs!

Is your desk posture making it feel like you're carrying an extra 10lbs on your head? June is National Headache Awareness Month and everyday our #downtown #Seattle #chiropractors share posture...

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Posted by | May 7, 2018
Seattle chiropractors encourage moving more during work week

Our #downtown #Seattle #chiropractor is walking for 30 minutes every Tuesday in May to encourage moving more during the work week! Patients are encouraged to come join her if you are looking for someone...

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Posted by | May 3, 2018
May is Employee Health and Fitness Month! Reminders from your #Seattle #chiropractors to improve your work posture habits

May is Employee Health and Fitness Month! So here are a few reminders from your #Seattle #chiropractors to help you improve your work posture habits!

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Posted by | April 26, 2018
Could a knee pillow help with your back pain? #downtown #Seattle #chiropractors

At your next appointment talk with Dr. Brown-Ruegg or Dr. Flood if you could benefit from a knee pillow like this one.

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Posted by | April 9, 2018
Poor Posture Habits Impact Your Body

Regular chiropractic can help combat the daily postural stressors & restore and maintain proper function. #chiropractic #Seattle #MoveWellLiveBetter Poor

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Posted by | April 4, 2018
April Patient Drawing – 2 Free Floats

April is #StressAwarenessMonth and one lucky patient will win 2 free floats to de-stress thanks to LifeFloat. Thanks for helping our #acupuncture, #chiropractic, #massage and #naturopathic patients take better care...

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Posted by | March 23, 2018
Low back pain the top cause of disability, gets wrong treatments: Poor treatment is fueling the opioid epidemic

We hope all this attention on back pain encourages more healthcare practitioners to refer to chiropractic - where we aim to relieve pain, increase flexibility, improve function and increase range...

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