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Posted by | March 20, 2019
Meet Downtown Seattle Primary Care Physician and Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Patti Mullen

Looking for a #downtownSeattle #naturopath and #Primarycare provider? PCP Dr. Patti Mullen, ND specializes in chronic & acute pain, #arthritis, #bursitis, #Thyroid Dysfunction, GI Complaints (including #IBS ), #Menopause #Tendonitis...

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Posted by | March 13, 2019
Looking for short-term pain relief? Trigger Point Injections might be for you

Trigger point injections can provide short-term pain relief in muscles that have been strained, injured, are in spasm or have chronic tension. If you think you might be a candidate...

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Posted by | March 8, 2019
Food sensitivity testing Seattle WA 98101 and seasonal allergies

Suffer from seasonal allergies? Spring is almost here. Work with Hillclimb's ND Dr. Patti Mullen to learn if food sensitivities may be stressing your immune system and making your seasonal...

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Posted by | February 7, 2019
Hillclimb’s ND Services Expand w/ the Addition of Dr. Patti Mullen, ND: Now Offering Trigger Point Injection Therapy and Annual Wellness Visits

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Patti Mullen, N.D. to the Hillclimb team. Dr. Patti started seeing patients this week at Hillclimb and we are thrilled to have her join...

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Posted by | January 24, 2019
Exciting News: Dr. Patti Mullen Naturopathic Doctor will be joining Team Hillclimb on February 4, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Patti Mullen,ND will be joining Hillclimb Chiropractic Clinic starting 2.4.19 Practicing since 2012, Dr. Patti Mullen’s addition broadens the naturopathic medicine offerings to...

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