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As an essential healthcare provider, Hillclimb Chiropractic Clinic is open Mon-Fri and available to help you with all your urgent pain and maintenance care needs. We are following all Washington State Department of Health, CDC and Washington State Chiropractic Association guidelines including requiring all patients, visitors and staff to wear face coverings/masks while in the clinic. If you have an appointment at our clinic and have any symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing), please call our front desk to reschedule your appt. For more informaiton please check out our Covid-19 resources here

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I am an avid mountain biker and falling is a part of my sport. Having regular chiropractic care helps me recover faster from all the wear and tear on my body and makes sure my muscles don’t settle into any bad patterns. That means more time having fun on the trails!!


I first came to Hillclimb 6 or 7 years ago. I had been seeing another chiropractor whose technique just didn’t work for me. I met with three chiropractors who were on my insurance plan. I ended up selecting Dr. Matt because we shared similar views of chiropractic—that it’s science and medicine, not a “belief” like you’d have in the tooth fairy. I liked his warmth and the feeling of family that is prevalent in the office. Most important, an adjustment keeps me moving and feeling optimal for a full week—a first for me.


Throwing fish all day at Pike Place Market takes a toll on my body and coming to Hillclimb Chiropractic makes a huge difference in my life. I’ve been coming here for more than 8 years and would recommend it to anyone – I love these guys.


Since 1971 I have been dealing with neck injuries from High School and College Football, slalom ski racing (hit a tree) and 3 Road bike accidents of various severities. My neck was stiff, had little to no lateral, rotation and hurt to flex and extend it for years.

I started seeing Dr. Brown-Ruegg November 2009 and have had 15-17 visits. After the first few adjustments I noticed that my low level constant neck pain was all gone and I was able to move my neck independently of my torso for the first time in decades. I was able to turn my head to look out the right side car window before changing lanes. This was a pleasant surprise. The increased mobility while doing repetitive moves is a big improvement and the new found agility has made me a safer driver. Now, every week I feel better and better. That’s why I still come to see Dr. Brown though my neck seems “healed”.

The benefits of Chiropractic didn’t stop with my neck. Last week I had the second treatment for planter’s wart on the ball of my right foot. The first treatment of Cantharidin made it so I couldn’t walk without a bad limp for 2 days after the treatment. Dr. Brown-Ruegg had me fitted for Foot Levelers the month before and, luckily, they came in last week just after the second treatment. I put them in my shoes, started walking out the door and there was no pain when I walked! I couldn’t believe it so I kept the same shoes on until I got home, put on the slippers and immediately, I couldn’t walk without the limp! I’ve kept Foot Levelers in every pair of shoes since!