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What to expect from your first adjustment

  • Some people feel better immediately after their first adjustment. You may have less pain and feel more motion and flexibility in your back and neck and symptoms like back or neck pain may also disappear.
  • Some people feel worse after their first adjustment, either immediately or the following day. After your first adjustment it is not unusual, as the muscles which have been in one position are now being asked to move in a different way, to feel some discomfort. This soreness should fade fairly quickly (usually dissipate within 24 hours). It is important to note that an adjustment should never cause discomfort for more than a day or two. Although the majority of patients feel great after an adjustment, a few people may experience side effects in the first four hours after an initial adjustment such as:
    • headaches
    • stiffness
    • soreness
    • discomfort
    • dizziness
    • slight to moderate pain in the affected area after a chiropractic adjustment
    • If a sudden movement causes sharp or severe pain, or if you experience swelling, contact Hillclimb Chiropractic Clinic
  • Some people feel no difference after their first couple of adjustments. It’s like putting water on dry grass. It won’t turn green overnight, it takes time and everyone’s reaction to chiropractic is different. But we do guarantee if we aren’t seeing the improvements we expect, we’ll refer you to someone who may